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How Moneymax® Works

Before Dr. Gurney's research, the psychological and financial arenas had not joined forces in any systematic way. For the first time the personality traits that affect financial and investment success have been systematically studied and evaluated. This revolutionary research has led Dr. Gurney to pioneer a new field, Financial Psychology, using the Moneymax® Personal Profiling System as the cornerstone of Financial Psychology.

From the national study, nine distinct money personalities evolved. The study has been replicated 2 times since the initial national study with the same results each time. The book reveals thirteen personal financial traits which impact your money management. Like a risk assessment, comfort level with risk is one of the tested traits. What sets this assessment apart is the holistic view the other 12 traits provide.

The 13 characteristics this assessment reveals about your clients are:

Risk-taking: level of risk a client is comfortable with
Pride: how proud a client is of their money management skills
Emotionality: how much a client’s money decisions are guided by emotion
Altruism: if a client believes others are financially generous
Confidence: how comfortable a client is with their money management skills
Power: a client’s interest in using their money for public recognition
Work Ethic: how likely a client is to believe hard work will bring success
Contentment: a client’s level of happiness with their current money situation
Involvement: how involved a client likes to be in their money management
Self- determination: if a client feels their own actions or luck plays a bigger
Spending: if a client enjoys spending or saving money
Reflectivity: how reflective and analytical a client is in their money decisions
Trust: level of a client’s trust in the integrity of others’ dealings with money

The assessment tests all 13 characteristics and shows you where your clients fall on a scale of 0 to 100 for each trait. The assessment will also tell you which Moneymax personality type your client is. The types are:

  • Hunter
  • High Roller
  • Safety Player
  • Achiever
  • Entrepreneur
  • Perfectionist
  • Money Master
  • Producer
  • Optimist

The Money Personality Types

Curious about each type? Check out the short descriptions below.

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High Roller
Safety Player
Money Master

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