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FPC/Kathleen Gurney Endorsements

"As we were identifying candidates for our advisory board, it was obvious that Kathleen would be a key member of the board . . .she is a leader in the industry when it comes to helping people better understand how they can make the right financial decisions."

-G.E. Financial Assurance GE Financial Assurance

"Kathleen Gurney has developed tools that truly help people understand who they are financially...many of our 10,000 American Express financial advisors use her tools daily in their practices."

-Mike Enright, Director of Marketing, American Express Financial Advisors American Express Financial Advisors

"Kathleen Gurney's gift to us is the knowledge that financial success is more than accumulating wealth, but the emotional acknowledgement of the impact that money has on our lives."

- Mary Herzberg, CIMC, VP Investment Officer and Director Dain Rauscher Dain Rauscher

"Dr. Kathleen Gurney always provides an illuminating snapshot of the emotions and thought processes that drive the buy and sell decisions of countless investors. Dr. gurney knows more about investing in stocks than many of the biggest names on Wall Street.

-Adam Shell, USA Today USA Today

"After considering literally hundreds of candidates, we identified Kathleen Gurney, Ph.D. as a true leaded in the field . . We are excited that Dr. gurney will play a key role as a primary spokesperson for the GE Center for Financial Learning.

-Meggan Lennon, Account supervisor, Peppercom Peppercom

"I have always considered Kathleen Gurney the pioneer and industry leader in the field of investor psychology."

-Donald B. Trone, CEO Investmgt DonTrone

"Kathleen's insights into what makes our money minds tick is invaluable . . .[She uses] an interesting, easy to read, and actionable approach that every financial advisor will find useful."

-Miriam Lawrence, Horsesmouth

"I personally wanted to thank you for your commitment and support of the GE Center for Financial Learning ( over the past year. CFL has come a long way and you have gone above and beyond in providing content and doing many superb interviews on behalf of CFL. I am grateful to you for all you have done - thanks a million and I hope you've enjoyed the partnership."

-Michael Frazier, President and Chief Executive Officer, GE Financial Assurance GE Financial Assurance


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