Give your financial advising some personality with Financial Psychology's Moneymax quiz

Financial Psychology helps advisors and consultants grow their client base with less effort and more authenticity. With our Moneymax tool, you can transform calls with prospective clients from "sales-y" to valuable.

Moneymax is a personality assessment based on research by Dr. Kathleen Gurney. It gives you insight into your client's money personality and money management preferences.

The Moneymax tool allows financial advisors to:

  • Truly "get" their clients
  • Increase their prospective client conversion rate
  • Develop better relationships with their clients
  • Have less sales-y interactions and more meaningful ones

The assessment takes clients' only minutes to complete and provides a meaningful report about their money personality. With Moneymax, you can provide your clients:
  • More appropriate asset allocation
  • Greater satisfaction with the process
  • More confidence and peace of mind
  • More efficient communication
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See what financial advisors have to say about the tool:


I run a Moneymax® profile on every client. Moneymax® gives me the foundation to discuss how we can work best together. This is one of the most valuable tools I have discovered during my 30+ years in the business.
-- Russ Ketron, Ketron Financial, LLC


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